JOBIM 2024

The Journées Ouvertes en Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques (JOBIM) are an opportunity to discover scientific and technical advances in bioinformatics. The 2024 session will address many multidisciplinary fields with a specific focus on statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and image analysis systems biology, reproducibility and open science.


JOBIM, the annual event for French-speaking bioinformatics and biostatistics, will be held from Tuesday June 25 to Friday June 28, 2024, in Toulouse, on the campus of Paul Sabatier University.

Poster presentation and Flash talk : The ABRomics platform — a One Health Antimicrobial resistance analysis service
Julie LAO, Raphaël TACKX, Pierre MARIN, Amanda DIEUAIDE, Thomas MIGNON, Bérénice BATUT, Cléa SIGURET, Romain DALLET, Kenzo-Hugo HILLION, Nadia GOUÉ, Étienne RUPPÉ, Gildas LE CORGUILLÉ, Abromics consortium, Philippe GLASER, Fabien MAREUIL and Claudine MÉDIGUE