Job offers: 3 engineer positions November 2023

Job offers: 3 engineer positions

ABRomics strengthens its development team !... We are recruiting two engineers for the Web development (frontend and backend) of the ABRomics platform and one engineer for the development of Galaxy workflows: The back-end Web developer position is located in Paris, Institut Pasteur, HUB Bioinfo IFB platform: more information on the position The front-end Web developer position is located in The Biological Station of Roscoff, ABiMS IFB platform: more information on the position The Galaxy workflows developer position is located near Clermont Ferrand, in the IFB PF Auvergne BioInformatique (AUBi), AUBIERE: : more information on the position.

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Welcome to the ABRomics web portal June 2023

Welcome to the ABRomics web portal

The ABRomics consortium is happy to open the first version of its web portal ! It will give you various information on our activities :  a clear and synthetic view on the goals and achievements of the project  the list of events and trainings organized by the ABRomics consortium the last news regarding the field of antibioresistance inside or outside the ABRomics consortium The web portal will also be an entry point to the functionalities of the ABRomics platform that will be available to the community in January 2024.

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40 research priorities on antimicrobial resistance June 2023

40 research priorities on antimicrobial resistance

WHO (World Health Organisation) has published its first global research agenda for antimicrobial resistance in human health to address the most urgent human health priorities to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR). It outlines 40 research topics on drug-resistant bacteria, fungi and Mycobacterium tuberculosis that must be answered by 2030, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to guide policy-makers, researchers, funders, implementing partners, industry and civil society in generating new evidence to inform antimicrobial resistance policies and interventions as part of efforts to address antimicrobial resistance, especially in low-and-middle-income countries. OMS announcement Complete document Image : Institut Pasteur/Guillaume Duménil et Perrine Bomme - coloration Jean-Marc...

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PPR newsletter is online June 2023

PPR newsletter is online

The National Antimicrobial Resistance Interface posted the latest edition of the PPR (Priority Research Program) Antimicrobial Resistance newsletter on its website. As a reminder, this newsletter offers you a quarterly selection of information published on the dedicated website. Access the PPR Antibiorésistance newsletter (June 2023) [FR] In this Newsletter you will find the following information: Editorial June 2023“Antibiotic resistance: One Health or not One Health?” by Jean-Yves MADEC, Scientific Director of the Antimicrobial Resistance Axis at ANSES and Head of the Antimicrobial Resistance and Bacterial Virulence Unit (ANSES, Lyon) Editorial May 2023“2023: a pivotal year for innovation in antibiotic resistance?” by Frédéric Peyrane, BEAM Alliance Coordinator...

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