The informatics development of ABRomics platform are organized around four technical work packages:

WP1. Computing architecture, aiming to provide the ABRomics consortium with the computing infrastructure and software environment.

WP2. Integrated multi-omics microbiological database aiming to collect, standardize, organize, integrate and give access to the different types of multi-omics data relevant to ABR and perform standard automatic analysis on this data.

WP3. Mathematical and bioinformatics tool development aiming to provide new mathematical and bioinformatics tools dedicated to (i) ABR multi-omics data integration, (ii) decipher mechanisms of ABR transmission (iii) model ABR emergence, selection and spread.

WP6. Web portal open access, privacy-preserving Web tool to submit data, run programs and access results, transversal to all the other workpackages.

In order to ensure that the platform will respond to the needs of the communities, this development will be performed considering six transversal use cases (WP4).

  1. Detection and investigation of outbreak involving multidrug resistant bacteria
  2. One Health approach to the emergence, transition and dissemination of antimicrobial resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii
  3. Application of Meta-PanGenomic concept for tracking antibioresistance in metagenomic samples
  4. AMR in pulmonary infections
  5. One Health dissemination of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through aquatic environments
  6. Proteomics for antibiotic susceptibility testing and molecular phenotyping of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains

The communication across the diversity of actors of ABR and towards the general public, together with training activities will be essential for the success of ABRomics (WP5).